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Current X-branch version, x41zc, is distributed via stock seti@home applications, and Lunatics Unified Installer. See seti@home number crunching forum, Lunatics or Crunchers anonymous for more details. 17-July-2013

17th-Jan-2014, special 'commit to disk' mode x41zc builds. For verifying that relatively recent Boinc clients run afoul of normal Windows filesystem optimisations.

important notes:
- These builds are not intended for widespread production use
- Attempts an application side workaround for some Boinc client issues with Windows OS filesystem optimisations (e.g. truncated stderr.txt & possibly others)
- They are supplied with executable only, and will require the appropriate cuda runtime and FFT DLLs
- expect 'similarish' performance *at best* to release x41zc builds. A windows filesystem optimisation is disabled such that - We are looking to see if there is any change in symptoms on affected machines, of stderr.txt truncation - A key Windows filesystem optimisation is disabled
- They are supplied in a 7zip archive to save server space and your bandwidth. If you need a different form (e.g. don't have a suitable uncompressor), then email me at contact at jgopt dot org for an alternative media via email
- Installation should be from a working anonymous platform (e.g. Lunatics Installer or manual app_info.xml)
- The build will identify itself, in stderr.txt, at task startup and restarts as the commit special test build

Download links (7zip archived Windows Exes only)

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