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Current X-branch version, x41zc, is distributed via stock seti@home applications, and Lunatics Unified Installer. See seti@home number crunching forum, Lunatics or Crunchers anonymous for more details. 17-July-2013

17th-Jan-2014, special 'commit to disk' mode x41zc builds. For verifying that relatively recent Boinc clients run afoul of normal Windows filesystem optimisations.

important notes:
- These builds are not intended for widespread production use
- Attempts an application side workaround for some Boinc client issues with Windows OS filesystem optimisations (e.g. truncated stderr.txt & possibly others)
- They are supplied with executable only, and will require the appropriate cuda runtime and FFT DLLs
- expect 'similarish' performance *at best* to release x41zc builds. A windows filesystem optimisation is disabled such that - We are looking to see if there is any change in symptoms on affected machines, of stderr.txt truncation - A key Windows filesystem optimisation is disabled
- They are supplied in a 7zip archive to save server space and your bandwidth. If you need a different form (e.g. don't have a suitable uncompressor), then email me at contact at jgopt dot org for an alternative media via email
- Installation should be from a working anonymous platform (e.g. Lunatics Installer or manual app_info.xml)
- The build will identify itself, in stderr.txt, at task startup and restarts as the commit special test build

Download links (7zip archived Windows Exes only)

3rd-Oct-2014, 'special alpha' of Cuda 6.5 build of x41zc (Windows x86 and x64 )
***Important notes***
- These are alpha, and not recommended for general use. No specifc support is available at this time.
- For those wanting easy installation, please wait until there are proven builds made available in a Lunatics Installer.
- No particular performance advantage is expected from straight Cuda version recompiles. Generally speaking, new Architectures need new code ;) (wait for x42 for that)
- 64 bit GPU code is usually at a small performance disadvantage, having nothing to do with CPU architecture & OS 32/64 bit differences.
- Made available to check development environment and driver maturation, amidst Cuda 6.5's extensive changes
- Cuda 6.5 does NOT run on Pre-Fermi architecture GPUs. This build should skip such devices, < compute capability 2.0, during device enumeration accordingly
- These Cuda builds do not require a Cuda Runtime DLL, it is statically linked in (the provided cuFFT DLL is required though)
Download link (7zip archived Windows files) x41zc_special_alpha_Cuda65.7z

1st-April-2015, Cuda 3.2 Linux 64 bit build (experimental, treat with caution, replaces non-working Cuda 5 build), note that supplied app_info.xml will need tailoring, especially for your CPU app. **Not for newer GPUs containing Maxwell architecture** Download link (7zip archived files) setiathome_x41zc_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_cuda32.7z

2nd-April-2015, Cuda 6.0 Linux 64 bit build (experimental, treat with caution), note that supplied app_info.xml will need tailoring, especially for your CPU app. **Should hopefully work for newer GPUs containing Maxwell architecture** Download link (7zip archived files) setiathome_x41zc_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu_cuda60.7z

29th-August-2015, Cuda 5.5 Mac 64 bit build (experimental), note that supplied app_info.xml is an example for main only, will need tailoring, especially for your CPU app and/or to change or remove the listed AMD/ATI Application. **This is a duplicate of the build posted by Crunchers Anonymous user macseti, but with the executable's internal search paths corrected and the Cuda libraries included** Download link (7zip archived files) setiathome_x41zc_x86_64-apple-darwin_cuda55.7z

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